August Vacation Destinations in the United States

grand_canyonIf you’re a hardcore summertime devotee, the start of August can test your “is the glass half-full or half-empty?” philosophy:  You still have a month of “official” summer to enjoy, but you only have one month of summer left.  However you look at it, if you haven’t taken a summer vacation yet, the clock is definitely ticking.  In the spirit of assistance, we hereby offer you a few choice August vacation destinations across the country:


Martha’s Vineyard

There are plenty of other great August vacation destinations across the United States; feel free to share your favorite spots in the Comments section.  Wherever you go, be sure you make your plans early enough to find accommodations, of course.  And be sure to book your travel through Travel Plus if you want to earn 5% cash back on reservations and enjoy cash-back rebates on airline, hotel, rental-car, and Wi-Fi services.  Enjoy your final “official” month of summer!