Top College Football Game Destinations in 2013

football-destinations_coverAs the 2013 college football season kicks off, intrigue abounds.  Will Johnny (Football) Manziel be suspended for autographing photographs of himself?  How did Stanford transform its pocket protectors from academic icons into a football forte?  Can Ohio State go undefeated in games that count?  Does Oregon need Chip Kelly to outrace its opponents?  Most importantly, can anybody beat Alabama (and, if so, who)?  Before the season answers those questions, check out the top college football destinations in 2013 — the games college football fans want to see (if not in person, at least on TV).



Whatever college team you root for (or against), you can save on all your weekend getaways when you make reservations through Travel Plus.  What’s your top college football game destination in 2013?  Leave us a reply!


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