Top College Football Game Destinations in 2013

football-destinations_coverAs the 2013 college football season kicks off, intrigue abounds.  Will Johnny (Football) Manziel be suspended for autographing photographs of himself?  How did Stanford transform its pocket protectors from academic icons into a football forte?  Can Ohio State go undefeated in games that count?  Does Oregon need Chip Kelly to outrace its opponents?  Most importantly, can anybody beat Alabama (and, if so, who)?  Before the season answers those questions, check out the top college football destinations in 2013 — the games college football fans want to see (if not in person, at least on TV).



Whatever college team you root for (or against), you can save on all your weekend getaways when you make reservations through Travel Plus.  What’s your top college football game destination in 2013?  Leave us a reply!


Money-Saving Travel Tips: Home Rentals vs. Hotel Stays

beach-houseOne of the joys of vacationing is taking a break from your day-to-day routine.  Cooking, cleaning, even laundry chores are put on hold while you relax and enjoy the finer things in life.  However, those finer things often come at a premium price; daily maid service, for instance, is a built-in expense that drives up your overall hotel bill.  If you’re traveling on a budget and you’d rather spend your money on activities instead of accommodations, consider the benefits of renting a home vs. staying in a hotel:

While there can be advantages to hotel stays — prime locations, convenience, easy access to personal services — renting a home when you travel can help you stretch your travel budget.  (To stretch it even further, be sure to book your airline reservations through Travel Plus — you’ll earn 5% cash back!)  If you’ve ever rented a vacation home, please share your experiences with us in the Comments section.

Time-Saving Travel Tips: How to Get Through Airport Security Quickly


photo by Carolina K. Smith MD

When people say, “9/11 changed everything,” one thing that comes to mind is airport securityPre-9/11, you didn’t need identification that exactly matched your ticket, you weren’t at risk of up-close-and-personal pat-downs, and you could bring your own beverages through security, among other liberties.  Post-9/11, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) instituted heightened safety precautions that created longer check-in lines.  Fortunately, there are steps you can take to get through airport security (relatively) quickly without posing a threat to anyone:


photo by Carolina K. Smith MD

Unfortunately, extended security lines are an established part of air travel these days.  Fortunately, Travel Plus can help take the sting out of long waits by offering members savings on airport services, pre- and post-check-in.  Happy trails!

Great September Vacation Destinations

honolulu_HIVacation plans tend to appeal to a different demographic profile as summer transitions to fall in September.  With the school year in full swing, the travel industry starts making room for a more mature crowd, including retirees, childless couples, and empty-nesters.  (That doesn’t mean there’s no room at the inn for young’uns, just that they’re not the primary targets of the most popular vacation spots.)  If you’re in the market for great September vacation destinations in the United States, consider the following possibilities:

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